Investment Strategies

We work with you to optimize your investment strategy to be in line with your financial goals. We provide access to traditional offerings such as equities, fixed income products, mutual funds, closed-end funds and exchange-traded funds. In addition we offer portfolios created and managed by our team available for clients with managed discretionary accounts.

As a firm, the bedrock of our focus is value investing, which aims to emphasize the preservation of capital while identifying quality opportunities that we believe are trading below their intrinsic value. We also take into account your need for asset growth and income as well as other factors.

While a tailored  strategy needs to grounded in realistic expectations, we also realize that each investor has their own level of risk tolerance based on stage of life, prior experiences and personality. We can aim to construct strategies for you ranging from the very conservative to further along the investment risk spectrum within reason. In all decision making, your best interests are placed first.

It is our job to keep informed about market conditions and the economic landscape as well as seek out and research individual opportunities for our managed portfolios and individual clients. We read, study and research extensively, going to source materials as well as the wide-ranging library of professional reports available to us. We also publish our own market and economic commentary on a quarterly basis, the latest of which may be found here in our News section.

In short, your assets, income, financial need and goals as well as your investment personality and expectations are as unique as you are, and so will be the investment strategy we work with you to craft.