Fixed Income / Balanced

Due to the diversified liquidity needs and risk tolerance profiles of our clients, Stolper Asset Management does not offer a uniform fixed managed fixed income program. Instead, our clients’ fixed income portfolios are customized with the goal of meeting their individual long-term goals within the framework of our risk management strategies.

Portfolio Construction – We invest in a broad range of domestic investment grade securities, including Treasuries and CDs, as well as municipal, corporate and U.S. Government agency debt. Once a sector has been identified as attractive, a fundamental review is conducted. We only invest in sectors and maturities when the spread indicates adequate risk adjusted returns, preferring both higher grade instruments and those with shorter durations.

Interest Rate Strategy – We employ a buy and hold approach, with staggered maturities, so a portion of the portfolio generally matures every year during a specified period. To maintain the ladder, maturing bonds are typically reinvested in instruments with longer maturities within the range of the bond ladder. By doing so, we aim to provide clients with a more stable stream of income and limit interest rate risk. Our approach is designed to perform defensively in times of rising rates and to potentially achieve above-average returns in falling rate cycles.

Managed Balanced Portfolio – A proportion of this portfolio (70% at investment inception) is invested in the Equity Value Portfolio and the remainder is allocated to fixed income instruments. Specific fixed income securities are selected based on income and risk parameters with a bias towards higher grade instruments, typically U.S. Treasury notes and bills.