What type of accounts can you manage?

Stolper Asset Management serves both individual and corporate or institutional clients. We can manage individual accounts and IRA’s as well as accounts for a range of entities including Trusts, Foundations and Non-Profits.

What services do you offer?

Stolper Asset Management works closely with each client to fully understand their individual investment objectives and financial goals. Investment recommendations are tailored so as to be appropriate for each customer according to their specific requirements and criteria.

Stolper Asset Management is an Independent Registered Investment Adviser offering the following:

  • Equity Accounts managed on a discretionary basis.
  • Fixed Income Accounts managed on a discretionary basis.
  • Strategic Income and Strategic Equity Accounts managed on a discretionary basis.
  • Asset allocation and investment structuring advice.

The team at Stolper Asset Management can also offer accounts administered on a traditional brokerage basis.

What is the difference between Stolper Asset Management’s managed portfolios?

The company manages two equity only programs comprised of individually selected stocks: The Equity Value Portfolio and The Equity Income Portfolio. In choosing equities for both portfolios, we employ a value-based approach, applying rigorous, independent research. The Equity Income Portfolio has an added income-producing dividend criteria.

We also manage two strategic portfolios made up of a much broader range of securities : The Strategic Income Portfolio comprises both equity and fixed income investments and has the primary objective of maintaining a high level of current income.  The Strategic Equity Portfolio aims to provide investors with broad, but selective, exposure to both domestic and international equity markets.

Who should consider investing in a Stolper Asset Management managed equity account?

Anyone who has a long-term time horizon and is able to withstand the volatility generally associated with stock market investing.

Who should consider investing in a Stolper Asset Management Strategic Income account?

Anyone who has a preference for prioritizing income through investing in a balanced managed program.  A longer-term horizon is preferable and the expectation is that volatility (both on the upside and downside) will be less than that experienced in an equity only program.

Who should consider investing in a Stolper Asset Management Strategic Equity account?

Anyone who is interested in a more diversified, but selective, exposure to both domestic and international equity markets. A longer time preference is preferable as well as the ability to weather volatility associated with equity markets with added currency-related exposure through international markets.

Who should consider investing in a Stolper Asset Management fixed income account?

Anyone who has a defined need for income or a set time-frame for the return of their principal.

How do you obtain new clients?

We have worked with many of our clients for long periods of time. Most of our new relationships come from referrals. We also selectively approach prospective clients if we believe our services may be an appropriate fit or add value in terms of achieving an individual’s or organization’s financial goals.

How do I open an account?

You may contact our office to obtain the paperwork required to open an account. We will also provide the necessary information on our end to enable you to transfer funds or securities from their existing location.

What is the minimum account size?

The minimum account size for accounts managed on a discretionary basis is $100,000.

How are you compensated?

As an investment adviser, we are compensated on a fee base. For non-discretionary accounts, commissions are charged on a traditional brokerage basis.

What are your fees?

Please refer to our Client Center page on this website for a description of our fees.

How are your fees justified?

Accounts managed on a discretionary basis are subject to a very detailed level of monitoring and supporting research of the underlying securities. Our advice and recommendations are based on objective, independent analysis. We are solely responsible for all investment decisions. We are small enough to react swiftly to changes in circumstances and opportunities, yet experienced enough to avoid trading decisions that merely reflect a transitory trend.

Our team has a combined experience of over sixty years in the finance industry and we are extremely motivated to achieve excellence in every aspect of our investment performance and customer service. Investment recommendations are customized to meet the individual needs and objectives of each client and reviewed on a frequent basis with adjustments made as appropriate.

What makes your approach personalized?

We work hard to understand each of our clients’ needs and objectives and tailor our advice and recommendations to meet individual circumstances and goals. We maintain close client relationships and are always available for personal financial consultation.

Who will custody my assets?

Customers’ securities are custodied in individual accounts at Raymond James Financial Services, Inc., a member of FINRA / SIPC.

Who is Raymond James?

Raymond James is a New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listed financial services company founded in 1962 with approximately $1.18 trillion in total client assets as of 9/30/2021.

The information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell Raymond James Financial stock.

Do I have access to the funds in my account?

You can partially or entirely cash in your securities at any time. Your fees will be pro-rated based on the period the funds were managed in your account.

How do you handle accounts with distribution needs?

Whether from an IRA, Foundation or individual account with income requirements, we work with you to determine an appropriate distribution rate and manage your account(s) to anticipate those needs. Funds are distributed via ACH, wire transfer or check.

Who do I call to call with requests or questions regarding my account?

In an industry that is increasingly moving toward a large-scale corporate approach to customer service, our team takes pride in being personally available for our clients. Please call our office directly where we are always available during business hours. You may also contact any one of us by e-mail. We are also always happy to meet in person at our offices or locally at your convenience.

How often will I receive a statement?

Your custodian, Raymond James, will provide you with a monthly statement. You will also receive a confirmation of each purchase and sale. The custodian supplies each applicable account holder with timely 1099’s or other associated tax reporting documents.

What other information do you provide?

Clients with a managed account receive our quarterly newsletter providing economic, market and portfolio commentary together with performance data for your account. The economic and market commentary sections of our recent newsletters are available in the News section of this website.

Do you provide online access to my account?

Once an account is opened, you may sign up to obtain access to your account information online through your custodian, Raymond James.

Where can I review your performance data?

Performance data for Stolper Asset Management’s managed Portfolios is available by request.

Fixed income accounts are managed on an individual basis and aggregate performance data is not available.

What is the difference between a Broker-Dealer and a Registered Investment Adviser?

Stolper Asset Management’s primary business is that of a Registered Investment Adviser, although our advisors also offer services on a traditional brokerage basis.

Registered Investment Adviser:

  • Adviser has discretion to buy and sell securities on behalf of client.
  • Fee is based on a percentage of assets under management.
  • A Registered Investment Adviser with more than $100 million under management must register with the SEC.
  • Registered Investment Advisors have a fiduciary duty to their clients.


  • Requires permission from client for each buy and sell decision.
  • Fees are charged on a commission basis per trade.

Managed accounts are charged Advisory Fees in addition to internal fees of investment company products, and should be evaluated when determining the costs of a fee-based account. A list of additional considerations, as well as the fee schedule is available in the firm’s Form ADV (Part 2A) as well as the client agreement. Please ask your Advisor to provide.

What sources do you use for your research?

Stolper Asset Management uses a wide volume and range of information from publicly available sources to conduct its independent research and analysis. Such sources include; annual reports, 10-Q’s, subscription services, market data and news sources. In analyzing the available data, we take a fundamental, bottom-up approach in making investment decisions.

What differentiates our Company is not the sources of our information but our ability to filter, interpret, assimilate and analyze the data to arrive at conclusions and identify opportunities that others may overlook and that, in our opinion, have the potential to lead to superior investment performance. These abilities are founded on our experience, qualifications and analytical abilities and are evidenced by our track record.

What differentiates your investment approach from other investment managers?

We don’t believe investment decisions should be based on criteria such as market capitalization, style or correlation. Since we take a fundamental bottom-up approach, our primary focus is long-term bottom-line results. We believe that diversification simply for the sake of diversification dilutes investment results to the point that performance mirrors or underperforms the market, a situation that is true, on balance, for most investors. We choose to be different, and own a fairly concentrated portfolio in our managed equity programs, with the aim of outperforming the market over longer periods.  For our Strategic Income and Strategic Equity programs, we are extremely selective in choosing among the vast number of investment options available and we adopt a non-rigid approach, which allows us to react in a timely manner to changing environments and outlooks.

What is a bottom-up approach?

An investment approach that focuses primarily on the analysis of individual companies and stocks. This is opposed to a top-down approach with starts with an emphasis on macroeconomic or market conditions or cycles. We start with thorough reviews of companies including their performance, prospects, financial results, financing, management and industry position to establish whether a stock is trading below our opinion of its intrinsic value.

Do you practice market timing?


Can you work with me to help minimize taxes?

Because we have a relatively low turnover, our managed portfolios may be considered tax efficient. In addition, we will work with you to minimize your personal tax liability associated with your portfolio.  Raymond James does not provide advice on tax matters.

Do you have a brochure you can send me?

Yes. Our company has a brochure outlining our services and investment philosophy, as well as our fees, that we would be happy to provide. Please contact us.