The idea of a ‘traditional’ role or life path for women today is outdated, but you may still choose to take time away from a career to care for children or ageing parents. You may be the main breadwinner responsible for other family members or choose to build a life running a household while a partner works outside the home. When, or if,  a woman choses to have children also impacts her financial life. Sometimes the loss of a partner, or the decision to separate, means that a woman is faced with financial decisions and choices that she did not have to consider before.

So, while we do not wish to generalize in any manner the choices and milestones in a woman’s financial journey, the unique challenges you may face are sometimes related to roles you choose in the family, in the workforce, and as caregivers. We are here to help you address those unique challenges and work out a plan that can give you the confidence that your financial life is on track to help you achieve your personal goals and feel secure in your financial future.