Maybe you’ve worked for many decades, or maybe you took an accelerated path to early retirement, but now you’ve made it to a well-deserved stretch of life where you have much more time freedom. We want to help you feel confident that you have enough money freedom to match your plans and aspirations. We can be here as your financial guide to help you determine an investment and withdrawal strategy that fits your situation and allows you to pursue your goals.

The idea that there is a ‘typical retiree’ is outdated, but one frequent commonality is the wish to deliberately seek new experiences and re-define how to allocate time, attention, and money. Quality of life becomes the barometer by which to measure a new kind of success. This may mean a pleasant living environment, quality meals and the flexibility to spend time with family and friends, and it can also encompass goals with very specific outcomes.

Maybe you wish to take all those trips you’ve dreamed of, learn new skills or crafts for the pleasure and satisfaction of it, go back to school, take up a new physical activity or sport, start a new business venture or work part-time without the pressure of delivering a full-time income, or explore ways to give back to the community or causes you are passionate about.

The lists are as diverse as the people that identify as retired and our financial planning services and advice are uniquely tailored to the individual. This needn’t be a time for winding down, unless you want it to be, but a time to re-imagine who you want to be when you ‘grow up’ and we’re here to help you make sure your finances support your plans and dreams.