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For the Quarter Ending December 31, 2017

Sometimes it’s not only change, but the pace of change, that can be startling. From an investment perspective, we certainly do not live in stagnant times, with benchmark indices repeatedly shattering their previous ceilings, spurred on in part by the continued ascent of technology juggernauts. In parallel, erstwhile fringe terms such as ‘cryptocurrency’ and ‘blockchain’ are increasingly making their way into everyday vernacular, harbingers, perhaps, of a new paradigm. Continue reading

Stolper Asset Management was featured in the October 2011 issue of Tulsa People magazine.

Stolper Asset Management

An independent registered investment adviser dedicated to creating and preserving wealth.

Stolper Asset Management serves both individual and institutional clients through its equity and fixed income services. The company is dedicated to the goal of delivering superior long-term performance while successfully managing investment risk. An important element of the business is the firm’s managed equity programs, where investments are selected using a disciplined value-based approach.

Founded in 1998 by Jon Stolper, Financial Advisor, Stolper Asset Man- agement measures its success based on a process that targets long- term results, in contrast to the short-term orientation often favored by Wall Street. Stolper Asset Management is driven to constantly improve its individual and investment performances while providing advice and recommendations based on objective and independent analysis. The firm, including Sandra Bullock, Operations Manager, and Susan McDonald, CFA, Branch Associate, adheres to the highest ethical standards in the industry and recognizes its duty to act responsibly for the clients it serves and the community in which it operates.

The firm aims to achieve superior returns relative to the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (an unmanaged index of 500 widely held stocks) over a five to 10 year horizon, or complete market cycle. The Stolper managed equity process includes identifying stocks that the firm believes are undervalued, selecting well-established companies to invest in with excellent fundamentals, and managing risk through aiming to not overpay and investing within the firm’s circle of competence.

With the current challenging investment environment, Stolper Asset Management remains positive about economic prospects at a corporate level and believes that for investors with a long-term perspective, there are almost unprecedented opportunities available in the equity markets.

The firm handles each client’s relationship with the utmost commit- ment and respect and treats the trust placed in them with deference, striving to meet each client’s investment goals within the parameters of the firm’s strategy. The firm’s independent status and its local presence allow for individualized attention and solutions tailored to meet client objectives.

Stolper Asset Management
An Independent Registered Investment Adviser Securities offered through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.®
1924 S. Utica, Suite 805
Tulsa, OK 74104

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Stolper adding second managed equity portfolio

In September 2010, Stolper Asset Management added a second managed equity portfolio to its services offered to clients.  This new portfolio, The Equity Income Portfolio, is constructed using the same value-based selection criteria but specifically targets stocks with an above average dividend yield.