The Uncertainties of 2015 Continue into 2016

2015 proved a bumpy period for the U.S. equity markets with record highs in May preceding a significant late summer drop followed by an end-of-year rally that recouped market losses. Most sectors were down for the year with the notable exception of a limited number of large growth stocks. The same forces that weighed on 2015 – tepid global growth coupled with domestic strength, falling commodity prices (especially oil), a strong American dollar, foreign tensions, and pressure on corporate profits – have all spilled into 2016, precipitating market dips followed by an early March “relief rally” as investors’ pessimism abated. Stolper Asset Management believes it is at times like this that a disciplined approach, combined with a long-term strategic investment plan, can benefit from investment opportunities offered by quality companies caught in market and sector downturns.