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Stolper Asset Management is an Independent Registered Investment Adviser, serving both institutional and individual clients.  We employ a disciplined, value-based approach through the application of objective and diligent analysis and are dedicated to the goal of delivering superior long-term investment performance to our clients while successfully managing risk.

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Stolper adds Strategic Equity Portfolio

In December 2017, Stolper Asset Management added a fourth portfolio, the Strategic Equity Portfolio, to its managed programs.  The portfolio’s primary objective is to provide investors with broad, but selective, exposure to both domestic and international equity markets.

2016 Delivered Surprises and Positive Returns

After a rocky start to the year, 2016 proved to be a decidedly positive one for the broad U.S. equity markets as well as the portfolios in Stolper Asset Management’s managed programs.  Contrary to most predictions, the November 2016 American Presidential election victory went to the Republican candidate Donald Trump and the equity markets reacted […]

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